About Us

Hello, I'm Lucy and I'm the creator of Naturally Woodland.

The flock and I are based in the Holme Valley, West Yorkshire, nestled into the foothills of the Pennines. As a family we have kept rare breed Whitefaced Woodlands for over 30 years and, as the name suggests, they are my inspiration for Naturally Woodland. I started the journey in 2022 and wanted to create something that would showcase the breed, whilst using their beautiful produce to make natural, handmade products.

After having used goat’s milk soap for several years because of how gentle it was on my skin, I had the idea that maybe I could do a similar thing with milk from my sheep. Turned out it was entirely possible so I booked myself onto a basic soap making course and began product development! 

Woodlands are far from being milking sheep and are in fact a traditional breed of hill sheep local to the Pennine area. However, the ewes are brilliant, milky mothers with a friendly and inquisitive nature, making them ideal for hand milking a little bit at a time and allowing them to rear their lambs as normal.

I also enjoy dabbling in various craft activities and learning new skills, especially when it comes to making things out of the wool from my own sheep. Woodlands have a finer fleece than most hill sheep, which makes their wool great to work with. British farmers currently have no worth in this beautiful product, yet our sheep produce it no matter what. Being able to use traditional and historic methods to add value to the wool and create lovely end products is very rewarding, and something I wanted to make part of Naturally Woodland too.

I hope you've enjoyed finding out a bit more - if you'd like to continue then please join the flock and subscribe here, and follow the Facebook or Instagram pages below.

Rare breed Whitefaced Woodland sheep

Naturally Woodland Mission:

Our mission is to produce high quality, natural products using produce from our flock of rare breed Whitefaced Woodland sheep, for people who care about sustainability, local sourcing and supporting farming. It is also to promote and educate people about the breed to help ensure their longevity.

Naturally Woodland Vision:

Our vision is that Naturally Woodland is recognised nationally as a leading advocate of Whitefaced Woodlands, the preservation of their heritage and of their place in modern and future agriculture. We also aim to be respected within the local community for our commitment to supporting other local businesses through collaboration and promotion.