Naturally Woodland whitefaced woodland ewe and lamb

Naturally Woodland

Handcrafted products made with a little help from our beautiful flock of rare breed Whitefaced Woodland sheep.

We are a small family farm nestled into the foothills of the Pennines and our inspiration is taken from these rare, but splendid sheep.

Our products are made with the flock's produce, and all lovingly handmade in Yorkshire. Their creamy milk goes into our sheep's milk soaps and we also make a range of products using their wool too.

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About Us
Handmade artisan sheep's milk soaps with natural ingredients and Whitefaced Woodland sheep milk

Artisan Soap

Our soap is handmade in small batches using all natural ingredients, along with milk from our ewes. This gives it a creamy and luxurious lather, which we're sure you will love.

We also have a range of soaps specifically designed for animals so why not treat your dog, horse or sheep and try our all natural sheep's milk animal soap.

Fancy stocking our soaps in your shop? Take a look at our Wholesale page here.

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Whitefaced Woodland sheep wool fleece, handmade wool products, peg loom weaving

Woodland Wool

Whitefaced Woodlands have a lovely white fleece, which is great to work with for spinning, felting, peg looming or whatever craft takes your fancy.

We have a variety of handcrafted wool items available from handmade cards, natural wool rugs, and felted sheep key rings, so please take a look to see what's in stock.

We also offer workshops! If you'd like to learn how to create your own woolly rug on a peg loom then check here for available dates.

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A Year of Ewe & Me

How do you fancy getting to know one of the biggest characters in our flock?!

Each A Year of Ewe & Me package allows you to catch up with your chosen flock member over the course of a year. Take a look at who you could meet, alongside the beautiful BlueJohn here.

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  • Quality Craftsmanship:

    A focus on producing high-quality, handcrafted products, showcasing Whitefaced Woodland produce whilst mostly using traditional and historic methods of manufacture.

  • Heritage Preservation & Advocacy:

    A dedication to preserving and promoting rare breed Whitefaced Woodland sheep, contributing to their longevity and future-proofing the breed within modern agriculture.

  • Sustainability:

    A commitment to environmentally friendly practices reflected in the use of fully recyclable and compostable packaging, palm oil free ingredients, sustainable farming and unbeatable animal welfare.

  • Local Sourcing:

    Emphasising the importance of supporting nearby businesses through sourcing materials locally wherever possible and creating local collaboration.